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The Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, held a working meeting at the World Customs Organization (WCO), together with the Secretary General of the prestigious organization, Kunio Mikuriya.

After the delivery of the instrument of ratification, which makes Equatorial Guinea a full member State of the World Customs Organization, Nvono-Ncá, accompanied by the Second Secretary of the Diplomatic Mission in the Belgian capital, Beatriz Obama, has been received Headquarters of the World Customs Organization by its Secretary General. The Equatoguinean diplomat, in addition to expressing enthusiasm for Equatorial Guinea to be a member of the WCO and form part of one of the six regions that make it up, specifically Central and West Africa, also expressed the desire to obtain information on the rights, duties and obligations that your country has as a Member State of the World Customs Organization.

Throughout the meeting, which took place in the presence of the Deputy Secretary General, Ebenezer Tafili, and the coordinator for Central and West Africa, Vincent Ndjebi, the people and Government of Equatorial Guinea were congratulated for the steps taken to become a member of the World Customs Organization. Likewise, Mikuriya informed his interlocutor in detail about the operational mechanisms that will be put in place for the periodic consultations under the supervision of the WCO deputy directorate for Central and West Africa.

We congratulate the people and the Government of Equatorial Guinea for the steps taken to become a member of the World Customs Organization.

WCO Secretary General

As expected, there was talk of the need to establish a link with the Equatorial Guinean customs authorities and the designation of a focal point in Equatorial Guinea to serve as a link between Malabo and Brussels and as an interface with the WCO sub-directorate for West Africa. and Center. While everything is still in process, Ambassador Nvono-Ncá took the opportunity to present the Second Secretary as the Embassy’s focal point on the same issues, as well as facilitated the contacts of the authorities of the country’s customs sector to speed up administrative procedures.

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