otos de felicidad y bienestar 2024

This Friday, January 5, the traditional ceremony to present the votes for happiness and well-being 2024 took place before the President of the Republic, H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, the First Lady and family. Political, religious, diplomatic institutions and international organizations joined this special occasion at the People’s Palace.

During the event, the Head of State expressed his best wishes for the coming year, emphasizing the importance of peace, development and global harmony. He highlighted the Government’s commitment to strengthening national unity, social cohesion and solidarity between institutions and the people, highlighting these values as the strength of the State.

Eight speakers from various institutions, such as the Bioko Chamber of Commerce, the Archdiocese of Malabo, the diplomatic corps, political parties and the Government, shared their wishes for happiness and well-being 2024 and the country’s achievements in the past year. The President highlighted political milestones, including the formation of a new government led by a woman, a step towards equal opportunities and gender equity.

In his speech, the fight against corruption was addressed, with a call to the Court of Accounts to eradicate this scourge. Rejection of criminal acts was also expressed, especially those perpetrated against children. The President urged the judiciary to apply justice fairly and combat internal corruption.

The message highlighted the maturity of the institutions, the commitment to national and international development agendas, and the importance of empowering youth for sustainable development. The President emphasized the need for a strong and committed labor and business sector.

At the international level, the commitment to cooperation, multilateralism, sustainable development and world peace was reaffirmed. The President announced the continuation of strategic alliances to contribute to a more sustainable and peaceful future.

The ceremony concluded with a photo with the Presidential Couple and the ambassadors and heads of diplomatic missions.

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