The Vice Minister of the Presidency in charge of State Ceremonies, Hon. Mr. Don Armando Dougan Champion, traveled on June 25, to the Belgian capital, where he will stay a few days to develop a relevant work agenda with national authorities and international organizations. The objective of this work mission, in which he will always be accompanied by the Ambassador in Brussels, Mr. Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, is to strengthen President Obiang’s international agenda.

The first of the meetings, held early on Monday, June 26, was at the ‘Language Center’, a well-known training center specialized in the linguistics and languages ​​area. Our country is expected to reach an agreement with this body to strengthen the training of translators and interpreters for the Presidency of Equatorial Guinea, aware of the importance of having qualified teams at the highest level so that the advancement of our nation is relevant in all areas.

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