As we reported last week, the Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels, which covers the countries of Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Denmark, is carrying out an exhaustive follow-up work of the Equatorial Guinean citizens residing in these European countries to verify that They are in perfect condition in this crisis of the new Coronavirus, or COVID-19, which is plaguing the entire planet.

Only an Equatorial Guinean citizen, residing in the Belgian town of Litchenbusch, tested positive for COVID-19 on March 23. After the exhaustive follow-up carried out by the First Secretary of the Embassy, ​​Silvestre Oyono, to know at all times the status of this citizen and to know their needs, this Embassy has learned that finally on April 15 their total recovery was confirmed, giving the negative test.

With more than 150 Equatorial Guinean citizens registered with the Embassy in Brussels, we can currently confirm that there is no Coronavirus infection among our diaspora.

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