As we already raised in this website early in 2019, several pan-African civil society organizations in Europe are conceiving a new international prize that will acknowledge the work of a world-wide head of state by rewarding him with the Best President Award.

To this end, the Brussels-based Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea, Carmelo Nvono Ncá, maintained a fruitful exchange with Simeon Ndaye, a politician originally from Africa and vice-president of the committee of the Belgian political party Mouvement Réformateur ( MR), which will fight for his seat during the next legislative elections on May 26 in Belgium. Taking advantage of its exchange with Ndaye, a key politic in a strategic country like Belgium, Nvono-Ncá once again stressed the efforts and the work on both national and international level deployed by the President of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang, led by his Pan-Africanist spirit.

This award, sponsored by the NGO Solidaritynnm and supported by many non-profit Pan-African associations and organizations across Europe, will particularly value the work of any world leader who has contributed to and for the development of Africa.

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