Agente ante la Corte Internacional de Justicia

The International Court of Justice (ICJ), the highest justice body of the United Nations, holds today, and until Friday, February 21, which will be the last hearings on the case facing Equatorial Guinea against France.

The last week of hearings has been opened with the presentation of the delegation of Equatorial Guinea. The Ambassador of our country to the Netherlands, and agent of Equatorial Guinea to the Court, has opened the day with an introductory speech before the Court, in which he assured that “France makes false interpretations of the prestigious Vienna Convention on Relations diplomats in this temple of international justice to try to justify the serious violations of the Convention committed against Equatorial Guinea”.

Ambassador Nvono-Ncá has finished his speech emphasizing that “the delegation of France comes to this prestigious Court with false accusations against Equatorial Guinea. And it seems, in fact, that France wants to continue before you the attacks against the dignity of my country that began almost 10 years ago before the French courts, where our Vice-President, and even our Head of State, has been accused of crimes that, from our point of view, never took place”.“The dignity of my head of state is untouchable”, he concluded.

Today will be the first turn of allegations of the French delegation and a second round of oral allegations will take place on Wednesday and Friday.

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