The 31st Assembly of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the highest governing body of this important maritime institution,was held in London from 25 of November to 4 December. One of the most important moments of this assembly was the election of the 40 members of the Council, the IMO’s executive body , to which participated the new Permanent Representative of Equatorial Guinea, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá.

The results of the vote were as follows:

  • Category A: The ten states with the greatest interest in the provision of maritime services were China, the United States, the Russian Federation, Greece, Italy, Japan, Norway, Panama, United Kingdom and Republic of Korea.
  • Category B: The ten states with the greatest interests in international maritime trade were Germany, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, the United Arab Emirates Spain, France, India and the Netherlands.
  • Category C: the 20 States with special interests in maritime transport or in navigation and whose integration into the Council guarantees the representation of all IMO’s members are Bahamas, Belgium, Chile , Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, Australia, Chile and Chile, Philippines, Indonesia, Jamaica, Kenya, Kuwait, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand and Turkey.

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