The Equatorial Guinea Embassy in Brussels continues to supply sanitary material against Covid19 to protect its entire colony in the country, thanks to the donation made by the Ambassador, Carmelo Nvono Ncá, who has contributed part of his salary to this important cause. This is the case of the Equatorial Guinea colony in Antwerp.

The First Secretary of the Embassy in Brussels, Silvestre Oyono, as well as the administrative attaché of the Diplomatic Mission, Federico Bang, have traveled to the Belgian city of Antwerp, located in the Flanders region, to deliver this material, consisting of gloves, masks and disinfecting hydroalcoholic gel for the Equatorial Guinean colony residing there.

At these times, when practically all European countries have returned to normal, despite the fact that the pandemic is still latent, it is more essential than ever that citizens face their day-to-day life with the necessary protection. Thanks to the Equatorial Guinea Embassy in Brussels, Equatorial Guinean citizens residing in Belgium have everything they need to deal with the Coronavirus.

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