The Brussels-based Guinean ambassador, H.E. Carmelo Nvono-Ncá went to the European Parliament to detail the terrorist attack Equatorial Guinea faced last year, an attempt perpetrated by international mercenaries.

The Guinean representative insisted to Schedule a meeting with the Portuguese socialist EUMP, Mrs Ana Gomes to express his disagreement regarding the recent “negative declarations issued by the Portuguese Parliament on Human Rights related matters”. Though the both countries governments kept maintaining excellent relationships, Mrs Ana Gomes declared that “Portuguese Parliament impressions on Equatorial Guinea were not that good”.

We cannot and we shall not le tour impressions dictate or define the reality, and it is obvious that the reality does not match with these so-called impressions. Furthermore, as a token of good faith, the ambassador has officially invited the EUMP along with other MP’s groups or delegations to come this year in Equatorial Guinea “so that they can observe by themselves and see the economic development and the democratic progress in our country” he directly replied. Therefore, EUMP’s will be free of establishing and maintaining contact with political parties or national authorities as much as they want”. He concluded “we have nothing to hide, it is precisely the opposite”.

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