On the 14 of December 2019, the first edition of the Miss Africa Beauty European Union contest will take place in Brussels, an initiative that aims not only to nominate the most beautiful African woman living in Europe, but also to constitute a unifying act and a Tribute to Euro-African diversity.

Of course, the Brussels-based Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, as we know very committed to the Pan-Africanist causes, has met this week with the finalists of the event, who had mission to the European capital to pay a visit to certain institutions. Therefore, the girls visited were able to have a depth chat with the Ambassador about the purpose of the event, which is none other than raising funds to help disadvantaged populations. The funds raised by the Africa Women Promotion association, organizer of the contest, will be used to carry out several philanthropic projects in the African continent. Precisely this is the reason why Equatorial Guinea decided to be the main sponsor of the first edition of this beauty contest, with an important solidarity goal behind it.

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