After the extraordinary approval the ACP Member States granted to Equatorial Guinea, repositioning the country as the center of the South-South Cooperation in the international fora, the Brussels-based Ambassador Carmelo Nvono Ncá, in functions for the past five years and who were the main instigator of this ambitious initiative wanted to voice his Deep gratitude for all the support he received all years long.

“I had the chance to be nominated as ambassador of Equatorial Guinea to the European Union and the Kingdom of Belgium in 2011, before seeing my diplomatic extend to Luxembourg, Denmark, Netherlands, Turkey along with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapon (OPCW) while representing the interest of my country before the International Court of Justice in the Hague. I have been more than honoured to be granted the trust of the President Obiang himself who drawed beforehand clear objectives and strategies which will allow our country to become a real political and economic reference at the global stage” he said.

“All my interventions were exclusively headed by our State interests. The superior state interest and its well-being of my people are the uniques goals that mobilized my energy and efforts every single day I spent in those functions, and I want to make clear that I will always keep fighting to make respect our rights as a sovereign and independent state” the ambassador said before adding that “without the unconditional and permanent trust of the President, I would never have been able to achieve my objectives. The path is full of obstacles, with external pressures, critics and misunderstandings and sometimes injustices and within this challenging framework, the trust granted is the unique leverage for success”.

Therefore, the ambassador also wanted to thank other national authorities for their ongoing support which, according to Carmelo Nvono Ncá have constituted a solid basis to achieve his goals. My sincere thoughts go for Their Excellencies Teresa Efua, Seriche Serafín Dougan, Salomón Nfa, Domingo Motuy, Agustín Nse Nfumu, Celestino Bonifacio Bacalé, Fausto Abeso, Antonio Oliveira, and obviously all the staff of the embassy.

I actually always considered myself as a mere spectator who was granted the right to act. Every single equatoguinean citizen could have done the same, or even better than me” the ambassador concluded.

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