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The Representative of Equatorial Guinea before the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, has received technical reinforcement in matters of maritime security within the important international organization. A concept that has become one of the key objectives for the Equatorial Guinean diplomat.

Specifically, the Representation of Spain before the IMO has been in charge of responding positively to the request for technical training made by Ambassador Nvono-Ncá. It all goes back to the last Technical Cooperation Committee, which took place last December, and in which Nvono-Ncá expressed Equatorial Guinea’s concern about the, at times, complex processes of adoption, entry into force, accession, amendment , application and tacit acceptance procedure of the different IMO related international conventions. Spain has been one of the countries that has reacted positively to the needs expressed by Equatorial Guinea.

I have sought urgent technical help to find a way in which our country can adapt and respond as soon as possible to the demands of the International Maritime Organization.

Carmelo Nvono-Ncá

Thus, the Permanent Representation of Spain before the International Maritime Organization organized a personalized and specific training by Víctor Jiménez, Minister of Transport and Alternate Representative of Spain before the IMO, and Andrés Galván, Attaché of Maritime Affairs for the international organization. This is one of the collaborations that the Ambassador is looking for so that Equatorial Guinea can comply with the IMO conventions that must begin to be ratified as of 2023.

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