The 24 of July, the Brussels-based ambassador of Equatorial Guinea , Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, paid a visit to the International Maritime Organization, the United Nations body in charge of inter-states cooperation and transportation industry whose objective is to improve the maritime safety and to prevent the sea contaminations. Carmelo Nvono-Ncá has discussed with Chris Trelawny, the Secretary General special counsellor.

Given the geographical position of Guinea Equatorial, located in the mid of the Golf of Guinea, a zone largely exposed to a preoccupying degree of piracy, terrorism along with drug and weapons traffic. Our country established few years ago an action plan to maintain its waters safe and strengthen its cooperation with the accurate international organizations. The objective will aim at building capacities of our authorities through an efficient knowledge management and the spreading of best practices in terms of maritime safety.

The ambassador said he wants to strengthen the cooperation with important institution, a global reference in terms of maritime safety.

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