The October 7th, the Brussels based Ambassador of Guinea Equatorial, Carmelo Nvono-Ncà was granted the title of Knighthood of the Royal Order of Yuste ; an antic body whose purpose is to watch on Justice.

This prestigious institution aknowledged and rewarded the precious qualities of the Ambassador’s personality and especially his bravery, his courage, his hardwork, his deep commitment and loyalty. The Royal Association of the Order of Yuste Knights was funded during the XVI century by Charles V himself and is currently served by members from 29 different nationalities, but it is the very first time that a black community member is knighted by such autority.

After being granted the price of the best Ambassador in the Netherlands a year ago, Mr Nvono-Ncà is now being rewarded for his hardwork and spirit by a prestigious institution located in 27 different countries.

When the Royal Order of Yuste proposed, last year, the nomination to the Ambassador, he kindly denied this honour, because the excellent result of his hardwork had to be shared with his wife whose ongoing support helped him achieving those results. Therefore he asked to share this recognition with his wife , Perseveranda Mangue de Nvono-Ncà, who has been knighted Royal Dame of the Order of Yuste.

Both were decorated with the highest enthusiasm and show their deep gratitude for being the recognition they were granted for their appreciated work to represent in the best ways their country, Guinea Equatorial.


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