This 25th in January, the Brussels-based Equatorial Guinea Ambassador, H.E. Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, hold an important meeting with the General Secretary of the African-Carabian-Pacific group (ACP) in the European capital, Brussels.

Accompanied by the Second Secretary -Mr Silvestre Oyono – during the whole meeting, the Ambassador has delivered a handwritten letter from the ends of the President of the Equatorial Guinea Republic, H.E. Teodoro Obiang to the ACP General Secretary. The letter issued renewed our country’s official commitment to host the future Headquarters of the South-South and Triangular Cooperation Office, in case of the ACP group considers and supports our country’s application.

The Inter-continental organism head, Mr Patrick I. Gomes took notice of our country’s commitment. This initiative were officially puto n the table six years ago during the Sipopo decalrations (ACP Summit in Malabo,2012).

Therefore, the Guinean diplomatic representative renewed to the head of ACP  its full readiness and commitment to host its headquarters and also stated that the Government remained disposed to inaugurate this decision as soon as the Guinean application is ratified during the next ACP meeting foreseen for the month of May in Lomé (Togo).

For six years, our diplomatic mission has been mobilizing efforts to negociate and seek support in order to host the ACP HQ and the South-South and Triangular Cooperation office, an organism that represents no less tan 79 countries from three continents.

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