La Unión Africana y la Unión Europea

Today the Summit of the African Union and the European Union, which has brought together the Heads of State and Government of both world blocs for the last two days in Brussels. The Equatorial Guinean delegation was led by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Simeón Oyono Esono Angüe.

Cumbre de la Unión Africana y la Unión Europea
A moment of the Summit meetings

The two days of intense work have resulted in a final declaration, by which the African Union and the European Union undertake to adopt a common vision with the aim of consolidating a renewed partnership for solidarity, security, peace, sustainable economic development and prosperity for the citizens of both blocs of countries.

This renewed alliance, in whose agreement the delegation of Equatorial Guinea present at the Summit participated, will be based on geographical location, recognition of history, human ties, respect for sovereignty, mutual responsibility and respect, shared values, equality between partners and reciprocal commitments.

Bienvenida en la Cumbre de la Unión Africana y la Unión Europea
Minister welcome at the Summit

The objective of this agreement is to be the driving force behind common priorities, shared values, international law and the joint preservation of the interests of both powers. “It is a great agreement achieved thanks to the commitment and work of all the powers, both African and European”, acknowledged the Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, who was also part of the delegation present at the Summit.

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