The Committee of Ambassadors of the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific group met the 15th May in Brussels and approved the candidacy of Guinea Equatorial to host the South-South and Triangular Cooperation international head office, allowing this place to become a neuralgic center of information Exchange for the 79 Members States, from 3 different continents, that shape the ACP Group. The decision is now under the Ministers Council authority and will definitely be ratified during their meeting foreseen the next 26th May and 1st June.

This important office will be led by the technical experts who will put their expertise and practical know-how to improve the knowledge management while supporting the different countries at a higher political level.

The Ambassador of Guinea Equatorial in Brussels, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, has initiated the negotiations almost six years ago before it properly succeeded. The diplomat declared that “the trust granted by such a high organism legitimates Guinea Equatorial as a stable country. He then added that such opening process could only induce a positive impact on tourism, trade and economy of our country and which will position it on the mid-term as an emerging economy.

OACPS | South-South and Triangular Cooperation

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