Now that summer time is ending up, the Brussels-based embassy staff, headed by the ambassador Carmelo Nvono Ncá, is focused on organizing the important inauguration ceremony of the South-South and Triangular office of the ACP group. This event will therefore take place the next 11 of October in Malabo and will be celebrated at the same time with the 50th anniversary of the Equatorial Guinea’s Republic Independence.

In coordination with the ACP Group Secretary General technical staff,  the embassy’s team is currently mobilizing all its resources to run the last details of the inauguration ceremony for the opening of the South-South Cooperation. The Ambassador Carmelo Nvono Ncá always voiced his interest for a heavier Africa on the international political fora. Within the frame of his ambitions, Equatorial Guinea, one Spanish speaking country in Africa, deeply wishes that this South-South Cooperation office will strengthen and reinforce the ties between the ACP Group Member States whether at the economic and trade level or scientific and cultural matters.

OACPS | South-South and Triangular Cooperation

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