Hospital General de Sampaka

This Wednesday, December 20, marks a significant milestone for public health in Equatorial Guinea with the opening of the Sampaka General Hospital. The Minister of Health, Mitoha Ondo’o Ayekaba, presided over the opening ceremony, highlighting the importance of this new hospital complex.

The Sampaka General Hospital, part of the Urgent Improvement Plan for Public Hospitals in Equatorial Guinea, is presented as a specialized extension of the Malabo General Hospital. With a focus on chronic non-communicable diseases, the hospital seeks to offer specialized care and decongest the influx to the Malabo General Hospital.

During the ceremony, the Minister highlighted the need for management and governance tools in public hospitals to improve the quality of services. Sampaka Hospital was born as the first medical institution in the country with all its management and governance instruments in operation since its opening.

The minister stressed the importance of selecting personnel with vocation and commitment in the health sector, seeking to improve the image and work environment. The recruitment process included a psychological analysis to identify healthcare workers with a true vocation.

The Sampaka General Hospital, despite its beginnings in a complex socio-health context, has stood out for offering quality services and saving lives. The opening marks another step in the consolidation of the improvement process led by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, under the vision and leadership of H.E. the Head of State.

This new hospital center stands as a benchmark for public hospitals in the country and promises to offer accessible and quality services to the population, without exclusion due to social status. The opening of the Sampaka General Hospital represents a renewed commitment to the health and well-being of the Guinean community.

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