Realidad de Guinea Ecuatorial

The Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, has been received by Rita Laranjinha, the new Director of Africa of the European External Action Service of the EU, to whom she has transmitted the true reality of Equatorial Guinea.

Specifically, Nvono-Ncá has insisted on the treatment that must be given to Equatorial Guinea judging it objectively by the reality of what is happening and not by the opinions expressed by the opposition in exile without any foundation. Likewise, the Equatorial Guinean diplomat has made reference to the fact that there is a legitimate opposition with a presence in both chambers in the country, which has a valid voice to give an opinion on the reality of our country. “For this reason, we hope that we will continue to be judged by the true reality of Equatorial Guinea and not by what is far from it and that some spread from other continents through social networks. It is easy to smear without being a reference and without being a valid example.

We hope that we continue to be judged by what is really happening in Equatorial Guinea and not by what is far from reality.

Carmelo Nvono-Ncá

This first meeting served to greet the new Director for Africa of the EU’s European External Action Service, who has expressed the EU’s interest in improving relations, emphasizing moving towards the rectification of the new Cooperation Agreement between the African countries and the EU, something that would benefit all parties. The need to advance in the political dialogue between the European Union and Equatorial Guinea has also been addressed.

Also present at the meeting was Nicolás García Berlanga, Chief Coordinator of the European Union for the Gulf of Guinea, who was in charge of confirming the invitation to Equatorial Guinea to participate in the conference of the G7 Group of Friends of the Gulf of Guinea (G7++ FoGG ), which will be held in Berlin at the beginning of July.

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