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The Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Diaspora, Simeón Oyono Esono Angüe, has embarked on a trip to Abuja as a special envoy, carrying a personal message from President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, addressed to his counterpart, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, H.E. Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

During his visit, Oyono Esono Angue transmitted a message in which President Obiang extended a cordial invitation to President Tinubu to make a state visit to Equatorial Guinea. The message emphasized the need to revitalize bilateral cooperation, promote good neighborliness and address shared challenges, including the organization of the Nigeria-Equatorial Guinea Joint Commission. Furthermore, the importance of fostering greater cooperation in key sectors such as oil, gas and trade was highlighted.

In response, President Tinubu reaffirmed the strong bilateral ties between both nations, describing the relations as fraternal and enduring. He referred to a previous meeting with President Obiang in Addis Ababa, during which they discussed strategies to improve economic relations, especially in the context of the ocean and marine economy, as well as to collaboratively address the challenges of climate change.

President Obiang’s message

President Tinubu expressed confidence that the upcoming formal meetings between Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea will further strengthen their bilateral relationship. He highlighted the strategic importance of improving maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea and highlighted the potential for mutually beneficial collaboration in various sectors.

The meeting between the special envoys of both countries testifies to the commitment of the two heads of state to strengthen bilateral ties, foster cooperation and address common challenges. This meeting highlights the strategic importance of improving maritime security in the region and underlines the potential for closer collaboration in various areas.

Accompanying Minister Oyono Esono Angue were Francisco Edu Ngua Mangue, Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea to Nigeria; Ambassador Gabino Obama Abeso Obono, director of the Cabinet of the Minister of Foreign Affairs; Josue Nsue Mbasogo, first secretary of the Embassy in Abuja and Mariano Ela Ebang, diplomat of the same ministerial department.

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