Secretario General de la OEACP y Presidente

After months of work from the Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels, the OACPS Secretary General (Organization of African, Caribbean and Pacific States) is carrying out an important mission in Malabo, where he has been received in audience by President Obiang.

During the audience, which was also attended by the Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, the OACPS Secretary General, George Rebeló Pinto Chikoti, spoke with President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo about his personal contributions to the bosom of the organization. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Simeón Oyono Esono Angue, also participated in the meeting.

Secretario General de la OEACP y Ministro Exteriores

From the Embassy in Brussels we have worked piecemeal so that the OACPS Secretary General can see first-hand the great progress that the Malabo South-South and Triangular Cooperation Office is making.

Carmelo Nvono-Ncá

The mission of the OACPS Secretary General to Equatorial Guinea aims to visit the institution’s important South-South Cooperation Office, located in Malabo, and thus relaunch cooperation among its 79 member countries. The OACPS thus becomes the institutional body that brings together the most countries, after the United Nations. Its objective is to coordinate activities of the 1975 Lomé Convention. It works on the basis of four objectives.

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