Nvono-Ncá agradece la labor ante la CIJ

Following the verdict issued on December 11 by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) regarding the case that has faced Equatorial Guinea and France for four years, the Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea to the Netherlands and agent of the case, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, wanted to thank the entire team of lawyers, assistants and assistants, for the memorable work carried out before the prestigious Court.

Equatorial Guinea presented its claim to the ICJ, the United Nations highest court, in 2016 and since then the entire Equatorial Guinea delegation, made up of a large team of international lawyers, Equatorial Guinean jurists and the staff of the Brussels Diplomatic Mission, has worked hard to develop the best international defense that our country has ever had.

Part of the delegation leaving the ICJ

Equatorial Guinea’s objective in the ICJ has always been to be able to be listened to with respect by the French country before a high level of international law. What France does in its country is very different, according to its laws and its institutions, which of course enjoy all the respect of our Nation, as a sovereign country. From the beginning of the process, Equatorial Guinea has invited France at all times to settle their differences in a friendly way, as Ambassador Nvono-Ncá emphasized at the beginning of each of his speeches as an agent. However, unfortunately, the French country never responded to this call for friendship.

Nvono-Ncá recognizes the work of the entire team

Thus, Nvono-Ncá wanted to acknowledge the work of each of the international lawyers, Michael Wood, Jean Charles Tchikaya, Maurice Kamto, Alfredo Corsato, Omri Sender, Alain-Guy Tachou-Sipowo. Without forgetting, of course, that of the entire Equatorial Guinea team that has always been in the forefront of the work. A delegation headed by the delegate Minister of Justice, Juan Olo Mba, and also made up of different State Attorneys General, the Ambassadors of Equatorial Guinea to France and Switzerland, Miguel Oyono Ndong and Lázaro Ekua Avomo; and the lawyers Francisco Evuy Nguema Mikue, Francisco Moro, Magdalena Nanda Nzambi.

I cannot deny that the work of the Equatorial Guinea delegation has been more than exemplary, on a par with our rival in court, and that without them we would never have gotten this far.

Carmelo Nvono-Ncá

Finally, the Ambassador did not want to forget the team from the Brussels Diplomatic Mission who, together with him, have worked on this case over the last four months, especially his two assistants Emilia Ndoho and Carmen Matas.

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