Interested by the political or economic forces at play in the African continent, Carmelo Nvono Ncá, Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels, fully understands the importance of culture in the pan-African cause. The African diplomat has also met these days Eitel Basile Ngangue Ebelle, founder of the International Festival of Pan-African movies, organized within the frame of the most inescapable festival: the Cannes Film Festival.

The Pan-African International Film Festival was created in 2004 as a stepping stone and platform to expose small-scale films as well as other types of artistic and cultural activities. All those productions put a special focus on the protection of Africa’s cultural heritage. Thus, Nvono-Ncá did not hesitate to congratulate the founder of this important festival for his remarkable work, as a defender of pan-Africanist ideas, and offered his full support.

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