As each year, the Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels, Carmelo Nvono Ncá, has assembled the team of the Diplomatic Mission in the entire Belgian capital to announce the goals to be addressed in this 2019 that has just begun, as well as to congratulate the new year to your staff and invite them to a generous lunch at your official residence.

This year is especially ambitious, since there are more than ten objectives announced by Nvono-Ncá to face in the coming months. It should be noted that the main goals are largely focused on recognizing the legitimacy of the leadership of S.E. President Obiang on the African continent. Likewise, much emphasis has been placed on the need to help the legalized political parties of the country that request it to adapt to the current globalization.

Finally, from the Embassy in Brussels a great effort is being made for Equatorial Guinea to become a member of the influential group of G4 / G6 countries, made up of small States with enormous potential and resources. The objective is for our country to lead this international process with its own voice to defend small countries, either in size or number of inhabitants.

Best President | G5 | Team

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