Juristas Iberoamérica Elecciones Perú

The Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea to the European Union, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, has been officially integrated into the team of international observers of the Ibero-American Jurists Association (ASJURIB), formally accredited to attend the presidential Peruvian elections, which will have place next Sunday, April 11.

«For our Ibero-American Jurists Association (ASJURIB), it is an honor to have appointed you, in your capacity as institutional representative of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, as International Electoral Observer in our Mission in the Presidential Peruvian Elections 2021, with the confidence that we will have the same effective help and collaboration that you have already provided in the 2020 Bolivian General Elections ″. This is how the prestigious legal body officially communicated to Ambassador Nvono-Ncá his appointment as an observer in the Peruvian Elections.

After having successfully participated as an observer in the Bolivian elections last October, Equatorial Guinea now participates again as an observer in the Peruvian elections. Given the importance of the event, Nvono-Ncá has traveled to Madrid to meet with the team of the important association to be informed first-hand of the work procedure that the delegation of experts will develop.

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