The  Brussels-based Ambassador, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá,  met with the most important pan-African associations in Belgium, including Solidaritynnm, Nouvel Afrique, Soulier d’Ebène and Safari des Anges.

Throughout this important multiple meeting, Nvono-Ncá was in charge of exposing and enhance visibility to the great achievements of the policies and initiatives led by the President of Equatorial Guinea, S.E. Teodoro Obiang. “There are plenty of reasons to applaud the panafricanist ambitions of President Obiang,” said the Ambassador.

Thus, Nvono-Ncá expressly recalled the heads of such organizations “that the African diaspora in Europe attached a great value to the successes and positive actions of those African presidents who work in favor of our continent.” As the Ambassador said, “it is especially from the European capital that our respective Diaspora must legitimize the recognition of the African Heads of State”.

Belgium | Pan-Africanism | South-South and Triangular Cooperation

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