The Permanent Representative of Equatorial Guinea to the International Maritime Organization, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, has been invited in London to a reception organized by the Peruvian Embassy in the British country. An exceptional occasion to meet a large part of the diplomatic corps present in the United Kingdom, and especially to talk with the Peruvian country ambassador, Juan Carlos Gamarra.

Equatorial Guinea has a strong link with Hispanic countries, being the only Spanish-speaking country in the entire African continent. His link with Latin America and Europe makes him a key partner for Latin American countries and Ambassador Gamarra transmitted it. In addition, the ambassador made a recognition to Peru since, together with Brazil, it has been the country that has reacted more proactively to the creation of the ACP Group’s South-South and Triangular Cooperation Office, inaugurated just over a year ago. year in Malabo.

Without going any further, last year the Ambassador of Peru to the European Union presented an agreement of intentions with this headquarters of South-South and Triangular Cooperation, with the intention of laying the foundations for an upcoming collaboration.

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