Damen, seguridad marítima Guinea Ecuatorial

One of the priorities of the Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in the Netherlands, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, has been, for years, the Equatorial Guinea’s maritime security, located in a tremendously troubled area such as the Gulf of Guinea. For this reason, he has visited one of the shipyards of the important Dutch shipbuilding company Damen.

We all know the importance of the Netherlands in the global maritime context, which is why this European country has the most powerful shipyards in the world. Ambassador Nvono-Ncá has been invited to visit the Damen shipyard, an important Dutch defense, shipbuilding and engineering conglomerate that is currently positioned as a world reference.

It is essential to shield the protection of our country, as a guarantor of peace and stability in democratic countries

Carmelo Nvono-Ncá

As we told a few weeks ago in one of our news, Ambassador Nvono-Ncá is making contact with this company, as proof of his interest in possible collaborations focused on optimizing the efforts made by the Government of our country to reinforce Equatorial Guinea’s maritime security, as we are in a tremendously troubled area, such as the Gulf of Guinea, with a great proliferation of piracy, terrorism and organized crime. With a maritime potential such as that of Equatorial Guinea, strengthening the national naval sector can be a great long-term strategy.

Damen entrada, seguridad marítima de Guinea Ecuatorial
Nvono-Ncá on his visit to Damen

The important Damen shipyard that the Ambassador has visited, located in the Dutch city of Gorcum, is the company’s main shipyard. With hectic activity, Damen is capable of producing an average of 200 boats a year, which they export to countries around the world, guaranteeing technical and spare parts maintenance.

Damen, for the reinforcement of the Equatorial Guinea’s maritime security

If Equatorial Guinea confirms its diversification project in the country with the collaboration of this important company, it would be strengthening relations with one of the most reputable organizations in the world in the maritime sector. Damen Shipyards Group is a globally operating company with more than 50 shipyards, repair shipyards and other related companies, as well as numerous partner shipyards.

Since 1969 they have designed and built more than 5,000 vessels, yet Damen is not only strong in shipbuilding, but also in other activities such as maintenance and repair. They have a wide range of products, including tugs, work boats, patrol boats, freighters, dredgers, megayachts and fast ferries. A wide offer with which Equatorial Guinea could greatly enhance its maritime presence at the international level.

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