seguridad marítima de Guinea Ecuatorial

The Permanent Representative of Equatorial Guinea to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, remains fixed on his objective of strengthening Equatorial Guinea’s maritime security. For this, it is immersed in several projects, focused on issues such as the improvement of the ports of Equatorial Guinea or the fundamental task of flagging ships, an administrative act by which a certain State attributes its nationality to a ship and authorizes it to fly your flag.

It is essential to promote a security policy in the maritime space, in order to maintain freedom of navigation and protect traffic and critical maritime infrastructures, as well as to protect human life at sea and prevent and act against criminal activities and terrorist acts that take place in this environment. Equatorial Guinea’s maritime security is crucial.

In the task of raising the Equatorial Guinea’s maritime security to the highest level, the Ambassador has met with the Equatorial Guinean company based in Spain, Inner Spirit. This consulting firm, with an ambitious internationalization program, has a 12-year history with extensive experience in consulting projects in commercial aviation, health, services, maintenance and marketing.

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