On the 21 and 22 of January, the European Union-African Union ministerial meeting was held in Brussels to further discuss the follow-up to the Abidjan Summit (Ivory Coast), held in November 2017.

Regarding the Equatorial Guinean representation, the high ranked meeting of EU-AU during the 21 of January gathered senior officials among which the Director of International Organizations, Mari Cruz Evuna Andeme, accompanied by the Brussels-based Ambassador, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá. On the other hand, the Ministerial meeting of 22 January was chaired by the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Bonifacio Mitogo Bindang, assisted by the rest of the delegation.

The central topics of the meetings were peace, security and good governance, as well as trade, investment and economic integration. More specifically, the delegation of Equatorial Guinea presented an intervention as a sine qua non for sustainable development and the defense of multilateralism as the only viable way to resolve conflicts. The next AU-EU ministerial meeting is expected to take place in Kigali (Rwanda).

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