Nvono-Ncá profesor Universidad Panamericana

The Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, has received the Grand Cross of the Victim Order of San Felipe de Jesús from the Mexican Institute of Victimology, by resolution of the high doctoral committee of the important institution.

As reported in the communication announcing the award, Nvono-Ncá has been awarded “in recognition of his merits and diplomatic, academic and humanistic career, as well as the good international relations that he generates through the media from his position from Brussels. Also, for his commitment to the defense of the Catholic faith, for his deep work and activity in research and teaching and for his lofty and great human quality”.

Last September, Ambassador Nvono-Ncá was already named Doctor Honoris Causa by the Autonomous University of Morelos, in Mexico, and now it is another reputed body that grants him prestigious international recognition.

Specifically, the Doctoral Committee of the Mexican Institute of Victimology has awarded him for his immense commitment to the victims of catastrophes, such as the floods that occurred in Central America in 2020, both in Honduras and El Salvador, as well as with the victims of the brutal explosions Bata on March 7.

Likewise, the electoral committee of the Mexican Institute of Victimology has taken into account the enormous involvement in awareness raising that Nvono-Ncá has had, making interventions in important European media. Nvono-Ncá has been “enormously grateful” for this important recognition.

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