Since last March 15, the Republic of Equatorial Guinea has adopted a series of preventive measures within the framework of the health crisis caused worldwide by COVID-19, the State of Health Alarm has been in force since that date, with the introduction of restrictions on international and national mobility. As of June 15, 2020, the authorities of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea have announced the start of the first of four phases of progressive de-escalation, the maintenance or modulation of which will depend on the evolution of the pandemic.

Within the framework of this de-escalation, the following measures have been announced, among others:

  1. Progressive reopening of the internal airspace, which includes the resumption of air  connections between Malabo and Bata. Certain restrictions remain on mobility within the country, and especially on mobility between districts and regions. It is recalled that new restrictions could be reintroduced at any time, depending on the evolution of the pandemic.
  2. Progressive reopening of international flights and maritime transport of goods and people.
  3. International travelers to Equatorial Guinea must take into account the following prevention measures dictated by local Authorities:
    1. Carrying out PCR tests at least 48 hours before the trip. If this has not been carried out, international travelers may be forced to carry them out upon arrival in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, the traveler himself assuming the economic costs of the measure, as well as hotel accommodation while waiting for the results of the measure.
    2. Temperature measurement at the entry points to the country (ports and airports).
    3. Mandatory 14-day quarantine at their homes or places of residence for all asymptomatic travelers.
    4. Transfer to health centers and establishments prepared by the authorities of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea for the treatment of COVID-19 for those travelers with symptoms related to COVID-19.
    5. The PCR tests are extended to the crews of planes or merchant ships that wish to disembark in the territory of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, assuming the corresponding costs.
    6. The above measures are extended to members of Diplomatic Missions and Offices of International Organizations and their families, who in any case must notify the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea sufficiently in advance of the date and time of arrival in the country. , the flight number and the city of origin, of any member or family member.
  4. Limitations on the issuance of entry visas to Equatorial Guinea: diplomatic and consular missions of Equatorial Guinea abroad may not grant entry visas to the country, except by diplomatic reciprocity.
  5. In case of suspicion of being affected by the symptoms of the coronavirus, the local health authorities should be notified at the special telephone numbers set up for this purpose: (+240) 1111 (Malabo) or (+240) 1112 (Bata).

International travelers to Equatorial Guinea must take into consideration that the aforementioned measures are subject to the evolution of the pandemic, so their extension or modulation should not be ruled out at any time, including the possibility of reintroducing new prevention measures by of the local Authorities. In the current situation, non-essential travel to Equatorial Guinea is discouraged.

The evolution of security in Equatorial Guinea is constant. It is recommended to travel with due precautions and inform yourself in advance before starting your trip.

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