Medidas para entrar en Bélgica desde Guinea Ecuatorial

New measures to arrive in Belgium have been announced for those who move to its territory from abroad. So if you intend to go to Belgium from Equatorial Guinea in the coming weeks, in this news we explain what you should know:

Medidas para entrar en Bélgica desde Guinea Ecuatorial

Belgium has classified the country of origin of its visitors into four levels: green (extremely low risk countries), orange (medium risk countries), red (high risk countries), as well as very high risk countries. On July 21, Equatorial Guinea became part of the red level category, so that all people who travel from Equatorial Guinea to the Belgian country in the coming weeks have to take into account the following measures to arrive in Belgium:

Measures to arrive in Belgium from Equatorial Guinea

Medidas para entrar en Bélgica desde Guinea Ecuatorial
  1. It is necessary to complete the Passenger Location Form online 48 hours before departure. You must print the document and carry it with you at all times so that it can be shown to the airport staff upon arrival.
  2. Clearly indicate the reasons why you must travel to the Belgian country, such as visiting relatives, work reasons or attending a wedding or funeral. You can consult the entire list of reasons why you can justify your visit at this link.
  3. It is essential to present the negative result of a PCR test for COVID-19 performed within the 72 hours prior to your arrival in Belgium.
  4. If you have a complete vaccination certificate from BioNTech Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnsons -only documents approved by the EU or Belgium- you must also carry out a PCR test for COVID-19 the first or second day after your arrival . If the result is negative, you can end your quarantine. If, however, you do not have the complete vaccination certificate, you will need to quarantine immediately upon arrival and for 10 days. You will have a PCR test for COVID-19 on day 1 and day 7. The recommendations during this quarantine are as follows:
    • Stay away from other people who live in the same house.
    • Do not share any type of object with other people.
    • If possible, use a separate bathroom.
    • Do not receive visits or hold meetings with people outside the home.
    • Do not leave home unless you are sick or need to buy food (only in cases where it cannot be avoided)
    • In the event of any complication of the disease, contact your doctor immediately.

To learn more about the measures to enter Belgium from Equatorial Guinea, do not hesitate to contact our Embassy.

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