Diplomatic corps

Beatriz Obama 
Mbengono - Second Secretary

Second Secretary


Beatriz Obama 

  • Focal point with the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP).

  • Co-responsible for relations with the OACPS.

Administrative staff

Federico Bang Okenve - Administrative Aggregate

Administrative Aggregate


Federico Bang Okenve

  • Co-responsible for relations with OACPS.

  • Focal point with the African Union (AU).

  • Support for the administrative and logistical procedures of the Diplomatic Mission.

Emilia Ndoho Obiang - Ambassador Assistant

Ambassador Assistant


Emilia Ndoho Obiang

  • Focal point for South-South and Triangular Cooperation OACPS.

  • Ambassador Assistant to IMO.
  • Administrative and logistical procedures.
Carmen Matas Gallardo - Communications Assistant

Communications Assistant


Carmen Matas Gallardo

  • Responsible for press & communication.

  • Coordinator of the website and social networks.