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The Ambassador of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels, Miguel Oyono Ndong Mifumu, has made an official two-day trip to the city of The Hague to present his credentials to the King of the Netherlands.

This important formal act officially marks the assumption of the position of Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, after having already presented his credentials to the King of Belgium last November. The ceremony took place on the morning of Wednesday, March 13, 2024, where the ambassador and the Second Secretary of the Chancellery in Brussels, Beatriz Obama Mbengono, were received with military honors by the Dutch royal procession.

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During this solemn occasion, the Ambassador conveyed the fraternal greetings of the President of Equatorial Guinea, Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, to the King of the Netherlands, His Majesty William Alexander. Various topics related to the current situation of the country in the multilateral sphere were discussed between both authorities, as well as the importance of strengthening bilateral cooperation, especially in the context of the economic diversification program led by the government of Malabo.

The Ambassador expressed his gratitude to the King of the Netherlands for the warm welcome and highlighted the historical contribution of the Netherlands to Equatorial Guinea, as well as his experience in key sectors such as agriculture, livestock and tourism. The possibility for the Netherlands to play a crucial role in supporting Equatorial Guinea’s efforts in its economic diversification program and in promoting innovative projects was underlined.

Hoping to establish a strong partnership between both countries, the Ambassador reaffirmed the Malabo government’s commitment to working with the Netherlands to promote peace and prosperity in the region and beyond. When saying goodbye to the monarch, he thanked the displays of hospitality during his stay in The Hague in the context of this protocol ceremony.

Photographs: ©Jeroen van der Meyde

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