After his appointment as Doctor Honoris Causa in Human Rights, the Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, is being requested to participate in important international congresses, for renowned organizations.

Likewise, Nvono-Ncá has been appointed Professor of International Relations in the Business and International Relations degree at the Universidad Panamericana de Guatemala. The Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels thus becomes the first African to be appointed a member of the prestigious faculty of Professors, Doctors and International experts of this prestigious University, with more than 100 higher and technical centers.

Speaker at prestigious International Congresses

For his experience as Ambassador for 10 years in the capital of Europe, full of international organizations, and for having been on several occasions Agent of Equatorial Guinea before the highest instance of International Law: the International Court of Justice, Ambassador Nvono- Ncá is being requested to participate as a panelist in renowned International Congresses, such as the First Congress on Geopolitics and Global Geostrategy, organized by the School of Political Studies and International Relations of the Universidad Panamericana de Guatemala.

Endorsed by his commendable work as Ambassador to several countries and international organizations, as well as agent before the International Court of Justice in The Hague in various international litigation, Doctor Nvono-Ncá is now also focusing on an academic and teaching stage, as a professor. and panelist in international congresses, to transmit essential knowledge in favor of Peace and Justice, the Defense of Human Rights, International Relations and diplomatic activity.

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