Salón Internacional del Automóvil

Equatorial Guinea has signed an agreement of intent with the Enjeux Group, thus becoming the last African country that is a candidate to host the I International Automobile Exhibition in Africa.

This prestigious event would form part of the world circuit of the International Automobile Exhibition, which currently takes place once a year in the most prestigious cities in the world, such as Brussels, Paris, London, Frankfurt, Beijing, Moscow, Dubai, Tokyo, Detroit and New York. It will be at the International Automobile Exhibition to be held in Brussels in January 2023, when the winning African country to host the first edition of Africa will be announced.

Salón Internacional del Automóvil

International Motor Show: a background job

Since 2018, the Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, by order of President Obiang, has been working on the steps and negotiations to open Equatorial Guinea to elite tourism. Likewise, the objective of the International Automobile Exhibition is to boost the country’s economy and establish and develop the tertiary sector, as indicated by the Minister of Energy and Industry, Miguel Ekua Ondo. Along the same lines, the Minister highlighted the vision of the Vice President of the Republic, of the importance of focusing on the automobile sector to introduce our country in a social and economic circuit within the reach of few.

For his part, Kinoss Dossou, President of the Enjeux Group and organizer of the prestigious event, highlighted the hard work of Ambassador Nvono-Ncá. Likewise, he recalled that the Ambassador in 2018 affirmed before all the guests at a presentation ceremony in Brussels that Equatorial Guinea is the best country in Africa, in the presence and to the surprise of other African Ambassadors. “This affirmation has forced us to verify the reality affirmed by the Ambassador. Today we have signed the acceptance of the candidacy of Equatorial Guinea. In January we will announce the name of the winning African country,” Dossou said.

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