The Brussels-based Equatorial Guinea Ambassador, H.E Carmelo Nvono-Ncá hold an important meeting on the 23th in January with two High officials of the European External Action Service of the European Commission, namely the General Director of Central Africa and the country officer of Equatorial Guinea.

The overall objective of this meeting was to properly inform the European authorities on the critical situation Equatorial Guinea has faced after suffering an attempted terrorist attack last month. The Ambassador ensured his country will duly respect the International Law principles along with the international agreements and commitments. Therefore, the Guinean representative stessed the fact that his country will comply with the primacy of the Rule of Law and will abide the Democratic System. “That is why we will make sure that both terrorists and nationals involved in this attack to be granted the corresponding treatment” the diplomatic representative said.

However, Equatorial Guinea urges the European Union to take an oficial position on this matter, by firmly condemning those terrorist attacks and by standing with our country the same way our nation has never remained silent when the EU suffered terrorist attacks. “National sovereignty must be and remain a shared and a joint struggle” the Ambassador said. “Our country can hardly hide its surprise regarding the belated European reaction, we will however remain confident and expect the EU to pronounce on this critical matter soon” he added.

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