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The Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, held an important working meeting with the director of the Enjeux Television Communication Corporation, Kinoss Dossou, also a member of the leadership of the African diaspora in Europe, with the aim to define a strategy that promotes the image of Equatorial Guinea.

At the meeting, the Ambassador talked about the tools that the Enjeux Television platform can offer to the image of Equatorial Guinea to give the country visibility throughout the world.

According to the Director of this network, which has media present in 88 member countries of the Francophonie and 44 Francophone television channels around the world, the objective to be achieved is to fight against the distorted image that the West projects of Africa in general and from Equatorial Guinea in particular.

The meeting, described as very fruitful, augurs new perspectives between Equatorial Guinea, the European Union and the rest of the world. Ambassador Nvono-Ncá is completely focused on revealing the true image of Equatorial Guinea and that of the rest of the African countries to the world, showing its potential and its sociopolitical and cultural values.

Nvono-Ncá and Dossou have agreed to start exploiting the tourist potential that Mother Nature has given to Equatorial Guinea and they believe that it will be very decisive if one takes into account that it will serve as a platform to attract potential investors.

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