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The Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea to the European Union, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, who has been leading the negotiations for years to get off the EU aviation blacklist, has met again with the Aviation Safety Unit of the European Commission to sign a historic agreement that will involve the key negotiations on this matter.

Specifically, Nvono-Ncá met with Peter Sorensen, Director of the Aviation Safety Unit of the General Directorate for Mobility and Transport of the European Commission, and with Clarisa Barbero, Aviation Policy Officer. This meeting has served nothing less than to ratify and specify what will be the first official agreement between the European Union and Equatorial Guinea on aviation.

With this historic agreement, financed entirely by the European Union, the starting gun will be given to the work that could allow Equatorial Guinea to leave the European Aviation Black List. During a first phase, the technical work will be carried out by the Equatorial Guinea Aviation Agency and the EU Security Agency (EASA). Subsequently, in what is expected to be at the beginning of 2023, the coordinated work with the General Directorate of Mobility and Transport of the EU will be included.

A historic agreement towards the exit from the aviation blacklist

It is estimated that this first stage ends around the month of May next year, giving rise to the following phases, until reaching the final exam. This first important step will open the door for Equatorial Guinea to meet the necessary technical requirements that would allow national companies such as CEIBA and CRONOS to leave the aviation blacklist. It is expected that the exit could be made official throughout the year 2024.

The mission entrusted to me in this regard has been more than accomplished.

Carmelo Nvono-Ncá

With this historic agreement, Ambassador Nvono-Ncá closes and successfully culminates the only challenge he had left to achieve, after eleven years in charge of the Diplomatic Mission in Brussels. As he himself has assured, “the mission entrusted to me in this regard has been more than accomplished. I hope that the national authorities know how to carry out and continue the work that corresponds to them, so that our airlines can finally fly through the airspace with all the rights.

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