The Brussels-based Guinean Ambassador, Mr. Carmelo Nvono-Ncá is currently mobilized in a diplomatic tour aimed at informing authorities about the recent attacks Equatorial Guinea suffered on the 27th in December.

Therefore, the 26th in January, the Guinean representative met his Spanish counterpart to the EU Policy and Security Committee, Mr. Manuel Acerete along with the Deputy Permanent Representative, Mrs. Maria Lledó. Being one of the 28 EU Member States, Spain remains a privileged interlocutor on the European fora and therefore the ambassador has sought to expose details on the recent terrorist attempt aimed at deeply destabilize the African nation.

As stressed during the meeting, “Equatoguinean intelligence services accomplished a great work whose positive results are to shared thanks to a solid collaboration between African countries and especially Cameroun without who such attack was unlikely to be avoided”. In addition, the ambassador expressed his surprise given the absence of solidarity and urges the EU to condemn it through its official channels.

The Ambassador Manuel Acerete has from his ends recalled that respect of human rights remains critical. A consideration shared by the ambassador Nvono-Ncá given the solid democratic basis Equatorial Guinea has become.

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