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In a significant ceremony that took place on April 25, the Ambassador of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, His Excellency. Mr. Miguel Oyono Ndong Mifumu, presented his Letters of Credence to His Royal Highness the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, marking an important milestone in diplomatic relations between both countries.

After Ambassador Oyono had presented his Letters of Credence to the King of Belgium and the King of the Netherlands, this time it was the turn of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. The event, held at the Grand Ducal Palace in Luxembourg City, symbolizes the continuity and strengthening of bilateral ties. The presentation of Letters of Credence is a traditional diplomatic practice that officially confirms an Ambassador as the legitimate representative of his or her country to the host state.

Gran Duque de Luxemburgo 1

In his conversation with the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Ambassador Oyono Ndong Mifumu expressed his honor and commitment to work tirelessly to strengthen relations between Equatorial Guinea and Luxembourg. He highlighted the importance of cooperation in various areas such as economy, education, culture and technology, emphasizing that both countries share many common interests that can be the basis for future joint projects.

His Royal Highness Grand Duke Henri welcomed the Ambassador and reiterated Luxembourg’s interest in deepening relations with Equatorial Guinea. The Grand Duke of Luxembourg mentioned the stability and economic growth of Equatorial Guinea as starting points to explore new opportunities for investment and collaboration.

The ceremony was also attended by senior officials of the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other distinguished guests. This event not only reaffirms existing diplomatic ties, but also opens the door to new avenues of bilateral cooperation in key areas for mutual development.

A prosperous path of relationships

Ambassador Oyono Ndong Mifumu, who has previously served in several high-profile diplomatic positions, has arrived in Brussels with vast experience and a clear mandate to promote Equatorial Guinea’s interests in Europe. His focus is on promoting peace, sustainable economic development and strengthening cultural and educational relations between the two nations.

Luxembourg, known for its financial stability and as an important center of international finance, represents a strategic partner for Equatorial Guinea in its quest to diversify its economy, greatly strengthened by oil. The exchange of knowledge and experiences in the financial sector and technological innovation are aspects that the Ambassador plans to explore during his mandate.

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The Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in Brussels, covering Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium and institutions such as the EU and OASCP, will continue to work closely with all stakeholders to ensure that ties between both countries are strengthened and expanded for the mutual benefit of their towns.

This diplomatic act not only symbolizes an international formality, but represents a door to new opportunities for collaboration that both states are eager to develop. With the presentation of these credentials, commitments are renewed and the path is charted for a future of shared prosperity and mutual understanding.

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