France today made its first statement before the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the highest judicial body of the United Nations, related to the case opposing Equatorial Guinea to France.

In its oral intervention today, France replied to certain questions raised yesterday by Equatorial Guinea, insisting that the Vienna Convention does not oblige to accept requests from third country to where their diplomatic missions are located.

Thus, according to France, not accepting the building on avenue Foch in Paris as property of the Diplomatic Mission of Equatorial Guinea in France would therefore not imply any violation of this international relations treaty. As a recall, France opened a trial in 2016 with the vice-president of Equatorial Guinea, for which he was sentenced last week to three years of prison along with a USD 30 million fine, in a case titled ” Misappropriated Public Asset”.

Tomorrow, the second cycle of oral allegations from Equatorial Guinea will take place, in which the Equatorial Guinean delegation, headed by Ambassador Nvono-Ncá mandated as agent for this case, will answer the statements made today by France and will draw its conclusions. A judicial decision should in principle be expected in the upcoming months.

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