Last Friday was held at the prestigious Madrid Attorney Association, an interesting meeting of different nations that could be the embryo of the future G5, a group that brings together a country from every continent and have in common their smallness but a significant potential both in terms of economic and resources.

The conferences, organized under the auspices of the Society for International Studies (SEI), obviously counted on the presence of Equatorial Guinea as an African country, represented by its ambassador to Brussels, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá.

In his speech, Nvono-Ncá recalled that in 2014, during the trip to Brussels of Equatorial Guinea’s Head of State in Brussels, Teodoro Obiang, he “already had the initiative to find a mechanism to make visible the potential of small countries “within the political and economic forces at play in the world”.

After five years of intense work between the SEI and the Equatorial Guinea Embassy in Brussels, we have arrived at this meeting which aims to lay the foundations for an international alliance of small but strong countries. The overall objective is to defend our sovereignty and our interests in accordance with the international law”, added the Ambassador.

A future meeting, to which other countries with the same characteristics will be invited, is scheduled before September.

G5 | Spain

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