Ayuda UE accidente Bata

The European Union has sent a second plane with medical supplies and other types of emergency aid as a result of the Bata accident on March 7 and the devastating explosions that occurred there.

Specifically, the aid has been sent through Spain and France, following the request of Equatorial Guinea through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. The explosions have caused loss of life, hundreds of injuries and major damage to residential buildings and a newly constructed hospital.

The European Union has fulfilled the good diplomatic and friendly relations it maintains with Equatorial Guinea

Carmelo Nvono-Ncá

International assistance after the Bata accident

The assistance from Spain and France will be aimed at supporting the health services of Equatorial Guinea, in response to first aid. It is made up of a Spanish medical team specialized in trauma and surgery, as well as medical equipment and medicines, and a French medical post with the capacity to treat 250 seriously injured, emergency medical supplies and kits, personal protective equipment and tents equipped with kitchen kits. In addition to coordinating the shipment of the material through its Mechanism, the EU will cover up to 75% of the transport costs of the shipment.

Furthermore, the EU is also providing support with the expertise of EU Member States to partner with the UN relief efforts after the Bata accident.

I would like to express my condolences to those who have lost their family and friends in the tragic explosions. I thank Spain and France for their prompt offers of much-needed help. The EU stands ready to provide further support as needed.

Janez Lenarčič, European Commissioner for Crisis Management

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