Euroc, gran proyecto portuario

The Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea to the IMO, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, has met with the Dutch multinational Euroc, which has been showing special interest for several months in undertaking a large port project in Equatorial Guinea, one of the most important in Africa. The company is now being debated between our country and Benin.

Euroc, one of the most powerful port companies in the world, already operates in the Port of Cotonou and the Government of Benin has shown its interest in this large port project of the Dutch company and thus take advantage of the capacity of this business group to diversify the economy through your investments.

The port activity of a country is a key factor for its economic development and its international positioning, becoming a great strategic factor, fundamentally at the international trade level.

Carmelo Nvono-Ncá

And it is that Euroc has been negotiating for months for Ambassador Nvono-Ncá, very interested in carrying out a large port project in Equatorial Guinea aimed at restructuring, improving and strengthening the country’s ports. Due to the importance of a country’s ports, as the center of the economic impulse of a nation with as much access to the sea as is the case of Equatorial Guinea, this project also takes into account the development of other sectors in parallel, something tremendously important for the economic diversification of the country. In order to make this important company decide to opt for Equatorial Guinea, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, has met with Emma Solomons Okechukwu, Head of Africa for Euroc.

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