Euroc, más cerca de invertir en Guinea Ecuatorial

As we mentioned last week, Euroc, one of the most powerful port companies in the world, has shown its interest in establishing itself and investing in Equatorial Guinea to carry out a possible project aimed at restructuring, improving and strengthening the country’s ports.

On January 4, the Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea to the Netherlands, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, traveled to the Dutch city of The Hague, to hold another meeting with Emma Solomons Okechukwu, Head of Africa for Euroc, in which he was invited to learn about the scope of direct and indirect benefits that this pioneering logistics project in Africa can generate.

Without a doubt, it may be the great Equatorial Guinea project of this decade. With the advantages that Equatorial Guinea offers, thanks to its beaches, nature and exotic places, the development of its tourism sector at a high level can mean its definitive take-off as a first-rank nation.

Carmelo Nvono-Ncá

With this great project of investing in Equatorial Guinea, not only would the country’s maritime service benefit, but also a significant recruitment of a large part of the Equatorial Guinea active population would be developed. Likewise, this project would intrinsically reinvest part of the profits in the industrial and business fabric of Equatorial Guinea, especially focused on the country’s tourism industrial development.

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