Reunión Euroc

Euroc, one of the most powerful port companies in the world, has shown its interest in establishing itself in Equatorial Guinea to carry out a possible project aimed at restructuring, improving and strengthening the country’s ports.

Through negotiations led by the Permanent Representative of Equatorial Guinea to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, the Dutch multinational company Euroc, world leader in port management, is interested in developing the activity of the ports of Equatorial Guinea . This fact would allow the country to be the benchmark in Africa at the port and international trade level.

Reunión Euroc oficina
Nvono-Ncá during the meeting with Euroc

Equatorial Guinea has an unbeatable context to become a pioneer in this sector, due to its magnificent access to the sea and the tremendously strategic geographical area in Africa, in which it is located. For all these reasons, Nvono-Ncá is determined to achieve this important agreement with Euroc, a multinational from one of the leading countries in the world in the port sector: the Netherlands. The solid company already operates in some of the most important ports on the African continent. A development like this of the ports of Equatorial Guinea can mean a boost to economic diversification and the economic reactivation that the country needs.

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