Cooperación técnica con la UE

The Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea to the European Union, Carmelo Nvono-Ncá, held a meeting with the Air Safety Unit of the European Commission, with the aim of moving forward with the procedures that will allow Equatorial Guinea to be removed from the EU aviation blacklist.

The negotiations between Equatorial Guinea and the EU, which have lasted several years, are focused on strengthening technical cooperation between both parties to remove Equatorial Guinean airlines from the EU aviation blacklist. In the current international context and after the Coronavirus crisis, the negotiations were slowed down, despite the willingness of both parties to advance in this technical cooperation.

Thus, Nvono-Ncá has relaunched this high-level dialogue to advance the consultations and negotiations. The EU has accepted at this meeting to provide technical assistance in favor of Equatorial Guinea charged to free European funds. The Ambassador, for his part, expressed the firm will of the Government of Equatorial Guinea to work in close collaboration with the European authorities in order to finally remove both Guinean civil aviation and airlines from the EU aviation blacklist.

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